VerseClick Released

Over the last month, I’ve been polishing my JavaScript and PHP skills, working on a new tool I’m calling VerseClick. VerseClick is a free tool for web masters (and people with blogs) that automatically links Scripture citations and generates a pop-up of the verse, with the King James Bible text.  Clicking the reference opens a new window (at with the full chapter.

This is a WordPress blog, and I have it running here (for example: Psalm 138:2; Ps 12:6-7). It only takes one line of code to add it to any web page.  Enjoy.

Author: Brandon

Brandon is the owner of StudyLamp Software and designer of SwordSearcher Bible Software.

6 thoughts on “VerseClick Released”

  1. Excellent work. Thanks.
    Making it work for verse 1 when just a chapter ref is used would be good e.g. “Hebrews 9” so that you don’t have to actually quote a verse. The user can then easily click to see the whole chapter.

  2. I have VerseClick on mine and it is better than all the rest. I love how the popup disappears easily when you move onto another Bible reference. My other popup would leave the popups “up” causing it to be confusing with all the popups!

    This one is awesome!!

  3. Thank you, Brandon, for Verse Click, I manage several websites, & am glad the Lord led me to a KJV alternative to Logos reftagger, which recently changed their KJV selection to KJV1900 (Cambridge Paragraph Edition) which has spelling variations from the KJV 1769.

  4. Thank you!!!! I am so happy to have found this through the Logos forum. I just added this to my site and now I can go through and remove all the old links so my readers are not leaving my site to read the verses.

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