Meditation and Lost Blessings

In Genesis 24 we read that Isaac met his wife when he went out in a field to meditate. This is the first time meditation is mentioned in the Bible. Today, we are always carrying around a device that gives us instantaneous distraction and entertainment or work no matter where we go. Meditation is practically impossible because we choose to be distracted rather than to be alone with our own thoughts for more than two minutes. I wonder how many blessings and good things God would have for us are lost because we don’t mediate.

A Review of “Love Wins” by Rob Bell

I’ve posted a review of Rob Bell’s book, Love Wins over at

While I do address Bell’s distorted, unbiblical view of heaven and hell, the real issue at heart is final authority: Bell has none other than his own heart (Jer 17:9). Bell is only taking one step further than the “fundamentalist” Christians who are currently criticizing him. If we don’t believe we can hold, read, and understand the very words of God given by inspiration of God (2Ti 3:16), disregarding what God says about eternal life and eternal death comes as no surprise.

Given the fact that scholars are busy publishing one translation of the Bible after another, based on the corruptions of Bell’s hero Origen, they really have no leg to stand on when they try to correct his error.

VerseClick Released

Over the last month, I’ve been polishing my JavaScript and PHP skills, working on a new tool I’m calling VerseClick. VerseClick is a free tool for web masters (and people with blogs) that automatically links Scripture citations and generates a pop-up of the verse, with the King James Bible text.  Clicking the reference opens a new window (at with the full chapter.

This is a WordPress blog, and I have it running here (for example: Psalm 138:2; Ps 12:6-7). It only takes one line of code to add it to any web page.  Enjoy.

What’s going on here?

A few years ago, I registered with an idea: I would edit a repository of Bible studies and devotionals with user-submitted content.

Well, that failed.

Kinda, anyway. Basically, it never really got off the ground, and I realized that having to decide what was and wasn’t acceptable content just wasn’t something I was “in to.”

So now I have a new idea. Start over.  Only this time, just make it a blog, and just post my own studies, gleanings, and devotionals, and maybe, sometimes, paste in good stuff from old commentaries I may come across.

I already have a personal blog. What I have realized over time is that my own blog is too much of a mish-mash of topics.  So this one will be where I stick all my Bible-related writings.

I hope you’ll get something edifying out of it.