Meditation and Lost Blessings

In Genesis 24 we read that Isaac met his wife when he went out in a field to meditate. This is the first time meditation is mentioned in the Bible. Today, we are always carrying around a device that gives us instantaneous distraction and entertainment or work no matter where we go. Meditation is practically impossible because we choose to be distracted rather than to be alone with our own thoughts for more than two minutes. I wonder how many blessings and good things God would have for us are lost because we don’t mediate.

Author: Brandon

Brandon is the owner of StudyLamp Software and designer of SwordSearcher Bible Software.

2 thoughts on “Meditation and Lost Blessings”

  1. I have spent long periods ⁸time…THINKING…without even intending to focus on any certain thing but allowing my mind to follow by thinking about a particular subject…Afterwards I have always felt as though GOD has intervened…injected & brought more & particular attention through pictures & thoughts relating to the subject my mind might be investigating along with HIS Higher Intellect to show me HIS Ideas in to reshape my opinion about usually many things related to a central idea. I find great pleasure in meditation…It is truly a spiritual experience…
    I think that anyone struggling to experience meditation needs to SLOW DOWN for a minute & push away pressures of life & allow other things to come into their thoughts for a while.

  2. I love your sense of humor. Do you remember me? Back in 1995, when I was still in Seminary, I posted an essay “Examination of Modern New Testament Text-Criticism theory and methods,” my first use of the shiny new PhD in Electrical Engineering that I received from Purdue University. Well, I have a new essay “YBKJVB?.” If you’d like to post it somewhere, or share it, that would be fine, so long as it is not edited. I also have a pdf of “Distorted Scripture” This has the original “Examination…” essay together with a compilation of doctrinal differences from the old NIV. Anyway, let know what format you want I assume PDF printable 8.5 x 11. But I also have a pdf readable on your phone of YBKJVB.

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