Work of the Holy Spirit

I. H. Haldeman, in his book on Scripture study, has a wonderful chapter on the Holy Spirit. I just had to share this gem about the true presence of the Holy Ghost with us:

“Oh! the wonder, the joy of it, and the unspeakable glory! The Holy Spirit here! here to continue the presence of Christ to us, to make us conscious of Him, to fill us with Him till our hearts shall be as a Holy of Holies; so that we may enter in, even here, into the secret of His presence, and be glad with a great gladness.

“Thus the work of the Comforter in relation to us is subjective, in us and for us. We occupy the attitude of recipients, not of those who act, but of those who are acted upon. The Comforter will bring us into the place of power, no doubt, but power is not the objective of His work; it is peace, joy, companionship, increasing companionship. It is Jesus Himself with us, all the centuries blotted out, all the past history gone between Judea and this hour. Jesus with us, talking with us, feeding us, and every day revealing Himself to us.”

Author: Brandon

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  1. Why is the Holy Spirit called the “Comforter”? Because He comforts us with the truth. Isn’t He called the Spirit of Truth? He comforts us during persecution, tribulation, trials, affliction, etc.

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